About us

Gujarat Chemical Association (GCA) was established in 1947 by a group of visionaries who envisioned the need for an association to boost the industrial economy of India after independence.  Over the last seven decades, GCA has provided a platform to the members of the chemical trade and industry to share information, work together for the export, import and manufacturing of chemical products. GCA’s aim is to work as a bridge between the chemical industry stake holders, Govt. Authorities, professionals, organizations, associations and apex bodies to create an ideal ecosystem for its members to grow in the chemical trade and industry.

GCA’s philosophy is to promote and foster the Development of the Chemical Industry for the betterment of the society and ensure a perfect synergy between various forces of Research & Development, Latest Technology, Commerce and GovernmentOver the years, GCA’s role has evolved to become a movement embodying the holistic interests of Gujarat’s’ chemical industry, which is a key contributor to the state’s economy. Today, we have a membership of around 700 members supported by Chemical traders and manufacturers of chemicals and its allied products, petrochemicals, dyes & dyestuff, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and agrochemicals. Members can take the benefit of the services of GCA.

GCA has organized a number of key events and summits to further growth of the chemical industry in Gujarat like-

  • Guj-chem Chemical Conference
  • Guj-chem Expo-2006
  • Asian Chemical Leaders’ Summit 2008.
  • Global Chemical Conclave-2009, under the banner of “Vibrant Gujarat-2009”.
  • Conducted Industry-Institute Academia Program, under which GCA has signed MOUs with various prestigious & premier Management and Technical Institute & Universities.
  • GCLS – Global Chemical Leadership Summit – 2010
  • Released a Book– “GOLDEN SAGA OF SUCCESS”, history of Gujarat Chemical Industries as suggested by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendrabhai Modi, during the Global Chemical Leaders’ Summit-2010, held at Ahmedabad.
  • Successfully organized “THE INTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL CONCLAVE” road map to Global Competitiveness – focused  on Gujarat Emerging a Global Chemical Hub for major chemicals, Dyes & Intermediates, petrochemicals, speciality  chemicals and pharma chemical sector.
  • Actively participated with Government of Gujarat organized “VIBRANT GUJARAT   2013” at Mahatma Mandir, Gandinagar.
  • Two days’ workshop on Quality Management System and Quality Management Tools on 8th & 9th Sept, 15 in Ahmedabad, with support from MSME-DI, Ahmedabad.
  • Participated in India Chem 2015 held at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar from 28th to 30th October, 2015 as a supporting Association.
  • Participated in ChemTech Gujarat 2016 held at University Grounds, Ahmedabad from 10 to 12 February, 2016 as a supporting Association.

Whenever events / mega events organized by us, we invite/inform  our members well in advance so that they can attend the same as well as get interaction with other members,  which can be benefited to both the parties.  We update our members with the activities going on and in-hand. We release quarterly newsletters and weekly e-news. We also invite foreign delegates to share their ideas on how to develop and understand their country’s policies and for that the members who are interested to present themselves are being invited for it.

Membership of GCA is available at Rs.10,000/- for Life Time Membership. For membership please contact GCA Secretariat at Tel. No.079-26565749 or e-mail: info@gujaratchemicalassociation.org.

Gujarat Chemical Association (GCA) is planning to set up an Research and Development Facilities in Chemical Enterprises Clusters – called as Common Facility Centre (CFC) at Ahmedabad with a view to provide a platform for micro, small SSI units, R&D organizations and companies to utilize and harness the manpower potential for swift progress of MSME sector.

The Centre would active in the area of scientific technical and economical information, in the area of inventions, rationalization and protection of industrial and intellectual property. Analyses and evaluations of the condition and of the state of development chemical technology are performed, including diagnostic studies and technical and economical analyses.To carry out coordination and directing of the national and international standardization activities, conducting the works concerned with the quality of industrial articles and products, cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions, promoting the growth and development of the  scientific and R&D cadres, running the publishing activities and training activities for institutes’ own needs and for other units.


  • Technology up gradation
  • Quality improvement of the product
  • Marketing capabilities
  • Increase in the turnover
  • Brand building
  • Export performance
  • Design Development
  • Finding out alternative technology
  • Green technology
  • Energy efficiency

R&D, Testing and other allied facilities in the CFC will provide to the member and other units at subsidized charges.  These would also include service like guidelines for technology up gradation, quality improvement, entrepreneurial and managerial training, consultancy and counseling services, testing the raw material as well as finished products etc. 

Infrastructure Facilities available at  CFC

  1. Pilot Plant
  2. Research & Development Centre
  3. Convention Centre / Conference Hall
  4. Library
  5. Training Center
  6. Testing Center

Name of the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)  is finalized as: – “CENTRE FOR  R&D IN CHEMICAL AND ALLIED INDUSTRIES FOR MSME SECTOR (CERDIC)”.